NEW Advice on Finding Time to Write

15720838519_da9b666d17_mBased on the elasticity of the back of my hand and the color of my urine, the experts tell me I should drink more water.

As a result of this advice, I took a 2-liter bottle to my day job and filled it at the water cooler. I could see my coworkers doing the math in their heads, wondering if we would run out of water before the next Sparkletts delivery.

I returned to my desk and imagined myself as a leaky, old robot in need of constant fluids. If I didn’t drink enough, my joints would seize and I’d be used for scrap parts. With this little game, I managed to drink almost THREE liters.

It’s amazing what we can do when we get creative.

I apologize to those of you who are wondering where the bullet points are. I could give you steps to take or a formula to follow. I could quote some time management gurus.

But I don’t know your situation and I don’t know if you have a family or a full time job or both.

I DO know you are a writer.

As a result, I can deduce you’re creative.

Why then should we be creative on the page and not creative when it comes to ordering our lives?

You devise worlds from your mind and then communicate those worlds to readers. Is it then too much to suggest you have the ability to figure out how to find time to write?

You come up with wild twists and surprising endings. Why does your creativity have to stay in your stories? Can’t it seep into your life too?

This week, tap into the deep well of your creativity and discover new ways to get some writing done.

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Question: What are some creative ways you currently use to find time to write?

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