The Joy of Writing

Despite popular opinion, there is joy in writing.

Don’t get me wrong. I can identify with all the famous quotes comparing writing to bleeding and war and constipation.

Yes, the demon of perfectionism has sat beside my computer and said, “You’re not good enough, you don’t have the depth of character to communicate what you want, you have nothing to say, you’re worthless.” The demon of guilt whispers, “How can you waste your time on something so frivolous, fruitless, and impractical? There are more important things you should be doing.”

But there’s still joy.

Even when I’m stuck in a story and don’t know how to fix it, there’s still joy. Even when I spend my waking hours obsessing over what a fictional character should do next, there’s still joy. Even when I’ve laid down hundreds of thousands of words and realize it’s six buckets of hardened dog crap, there’s still joy.

When I get the cursor moving, time flies. I can’t imagine anything more rejuvenating. While the goal of fiction may be to provide catharsis for the reader, the act of writing provides catharsis for the writer.

There’s something amazing about creating a world and bringing characters to life. Don’t lose sight of that, dear writer. Once in a while, give yourself a break from your neuroticism and bask in the joy.

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