Hi, I’m Stooko and I want everyone to improve their writing and life.  No, Stooko’s not my real name, but it’s what my niece and nephew call me, so who am I to mess with their authority?


I was born in The Philippines and lived in Thailand and Singapore.  I grew up in beautiful Bakersfield, California and currently live in Houston.  I’ve flown planes and dug graves (as a paid emloyee of a cemetary, so don’t call the police.)

I’m married to Jennifer the Lovely Scientist and we own the world’s neediest cat.

I love stories and story telling and I hope you enjoy mine.

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  1. Greetings. I too have escaped Bakersfield, California. I lived there from 1986 until 2001. I now reside in southern Illinois, caring for my mother and providing co-dependence to the laziest basset hound in this country. I’m looking forward to your blogs.

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